Is it necessary to repair the wheel scraping?

Time:2019-05-07 12:00:00

Recently, many people have found that it is necessary to repair the scratches in the search wheel. In fact, this problem is of course to be repaired. But since everyone asked, then specifically for everyone to analyze the need for repair.

Wheel scratches are generally classified into surface scratches and wheel edge scratches, but no matter which type of scratched wheel surface varnish is hanged, the varnish of the wheel surface is detached, and the hub has no protective layer, so long-term contact Will cause the surface of the hub to oxidize and corrode. Once the essence of the aluminum alloy of the wheel hub is damaged, the wheel hub can not be used. In particular, the corrosion caused by the edge scratching does not repair, which will make the hub tires not tightly coupled, resulting in a slow air leakage of the wheel hub, which affects safe use.

In summary: the wheel scraping is necessary to repair, do not lose because of small. Of course, when you are looking for a wheel repair factory, you must find the one that can be repaired by the original factory. Don't try to find a small shop to paint directly, so you can find that the wheel is more ugly than the scratch in a few months. ugly.

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