Electric drill common types and functions

Time:2019-05-08 12:00:00

Electric drill is a commonly used drilling tool. The traditional electric drill is made of alternating current (wet electricity), connected with the power cord, which is not convenient. Today's electric drill has been connected with electric screwdriver (electric batch), most of them have rechargeable batteries. It is mainly used as a lithium-ion battery. It can be used as a tool for drilling, screwing, and screwing. It has fewer power cords and is more flexible and convenient to use. Amateurs can consider buying this dual-use electric batch, but to buy a larger type of strong torque, the disadvantage is that the wall can not be drilled.

Various electric drills

Electric drills are mainly divided into three categories: electric drills, electric batches, and hydraulic drills.

Electric drill: It is mainly used for drilling wood. It can be drilled with ordinary iron drills or iron. It is very difficult. It should be equipped with a small drill rig and become a drill press. It can also be used to drill sand brick walls (partition walls). Need to use the stone boring drill, but the effect is poor, very laborious. As for the main stone wall, it is not enough. If you only drill one or two holes on the hook or laminate, it is ok to drill slowly.

Electric batch: Mainly used for screwing and lifting screws, can also be used as electric drill, drilling wood can also, but the effect is of course not as good as real electric drill, and even the sand brick wall can not be drilled. Electric batches generally have a torque control ring, and the maximum torque is about 400 pounds. There are also high and low speed files. When the electric drill is used, the high speed gear is used. When the electric screwdriver is screwed on the screw, the low speed gear and the reverse gear on the electric drill can be used to lift the screw. Some electric drills have LED front lights. When the trigger is pressed, the lights are on and the working points in front of the lights are very convenient.

How to use: Unlike the electric drill, you can't press it long. When you screw up, you should press the trigger in order to force the screw head into the wood.

Hydraulic Drill: This is a heavy-duty electric drill, mainly used as a diamond wall. It must be matched with a special hydraulic drill. It is generally not used as an ordinary electric drill. It is too bulky and has different cable heads. .

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