Seven taboos for spinning bikes

Time:2019-05-08 12:00:00

Use weight-bearing equipment on the spinning bike in the gym. Lifting weight on the car is ineffective and unsafe. The exercise muscles are effective in weight training under steady state conditions.


Spinning training in the gym is prohibited. One-handed or open-handed cycling is prohibited. In the case of standing or jumping, you may be seriously injured; when you are climbing in a sitting position, the waist will be unevenly stressed.


The toes face down while riding. It can cause inflammation of the bone nodules and numbness of the feet. When stepping on, the feet should be parallel to the ground and the feet should be in the middle of the pedals.


No resistance at all. Fitness in the gym is costly, and the resistanceless stepping is a waste of exercise time. Moreover, in the case of high rotation speed, no resistance to stepping can cause sports injuries.


Step back. Riding a bicycle, so don't step back. This action will make the pedal loose, and it may cause injury when the foot is stepped down. Studies have shown that the same muscle group is used for backwards and forwards, which consumes the same amount of heat, so there is no advantage in stepping back.


Use the grip when sitting. Exercise cycling in the gym must be exercised in a scientific posture, otherwise the hips and the spine may be bent, resulting in lumbar pain. When it is necessary to look up, this grip poses a strain on the neck.


Put your foot on the handlebar to stretch. This needs to be combined with your personal physical condition. Well, maybe most people don't have enough leopard flexibility to put their feet on the handlebars for stretching, but they are easily injured.

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